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Mariam Satour

"Lazy Daisy" - Punch Needle Digital Guide

"Lazy Daisy" - Punch Needle Digital Guide

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This is a Digital Product and no physical products are included.


This DIY Punch Needle Pattern & Guide is all you need to begin your artistic journey in Punch Needle, it includes video tutorials and a step-by-step PDF instruction manual that includes all the tips & tricks to create your own Punch Needle masterpiece from start to finish.

You’ll get to learn all the basics of Punch Needle and how to apply them to punch the pattern included in the package.


Punch Needle Pattern 001 includes the following:

  • 8 Mini Video Lessons with voice over explanation (Arabic) to teach you all the basics that you need to know about Punch Needle before you start your piece, watching a video explain the basics of the craft is a lot more efficient than seeing it in images.
  • 2 PDF Instruction Manuals (Arabic & English) that include details about the artist, about Punch Needle, the tools and materials needed for the project, pictures of different types of stitches with a description for each one and a written explanation, a stitch map for the piece, detailed step-by-step explanation (with images and descriptions) on how to complete your own Punch Needle project from start to finish.
  • Design Pattern
  • Color Palette + Types Of Stitches
  • A brief about the fabric used and different types of fabric for Punch Needle.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to set up your hoop & fabric
  • How to thread your Punch Needle
  • How to start and finish with Punch Needle
  • The 4 basic stitches of Punch needle
  • Troubleshooting "How to undo and redo stitches"
  • How to transfer the design onto fabric
  • How to punch each and every element within the design
  • How to finish the back of your piece
  • More about Punch Needle Fabrics and their characteristics


This Pattern is made for total beginners.
Digital Files are non-refundable.
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