Mariam occasionally hosts face-to-face workshops, it's what she loves the most about her job, when she gets to meet new students who are as interested in Fiber Arts as she is, they spend two consecutive days stitching and chit-chatting, creating this amazing community where they stay in touch even after the workshop is done sharing their work in progress together, different tips & tricks and their final projects.

Workshops are designed for total beginners, together we get to explore the history of the medium, all about tools, go through different artists' portfolios comparing different styles and schools, learning the basics of the medium, and then each student works on his/her own project from sketching to finishing the piece where he/she gets to apply what they learnt from the workshop.

If you're interested and wish to attend one of Mariam's workshops, you can join her mailing list "subscription box down below" to get the announcement and all the details for her upcoming workshops when they're out.